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Interlab Research

Laboratory for Investigation of Reactive Intermediates, Energy and Chemical Structure

at UFRJ since 2002

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Research Interests (see also Publications and Personal Web Page )

Interlab research group usually has as goal Energy related issues. We study many interests around this central theme from studying basic single electron transfer processes in organic chemistry, to applications, such as finding inhibitors for methane hydrate formation in deep water drilling processes for petroleum exploration. We always try to give computational/experimental chemistry training to our students, since we do believe that this interface is a fruitful area. Our main projects and interests are shown below.

·         Energy and Petroleum Chemistry.

·         Carbocation and Hydrocarbon chemistry.

·         Catalysis

·         Nanotechnology

·         Mechanistic studies of chemical reactions.

·         Single Electron Transfer processes in Organic Chemistry.

·         Structural Chemistry.

·         Ab initio molecular dynamics techniques in Organic Chemistry.

·         Alkane activation by superacids and in the gas phase.

·         Use of theoretical methods and isotopic labeling techniques in the investigation of reaction mechanisms.




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